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What is a PTR Record and Why It Matters?

A PTR record is a type of DNS record that maps an IP address to a domain name, performing the reverse function of an A record. Also known as Pointer records, they are essential for reverse DNS lookups, helping verify … Continue reading

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DNSSEC Explained: Securing Your DNS

DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) adds a layer of security to the DNS by enabling cryptographic verification of DNS data. It prevents attackers from hijacking DNS queries through cache poisoning and other exploits. It works by signing DNS records … Continue reading

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Understanding Anycast DNS and Its Benefits

Anycast DNS is a routing method where multiple servers share the same IP address, directing user queries to the nearest or best-performing server. This approach enhances speed by reducing latency, improves reliability through automatic failover, and increases resilience against DDoS … Continue reading

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Getting Familiar with Premium DNS

Premium DNS offers advanced features that enhance website performance, security, and reliability beyond standard DNS services. Premium DNS improves speed through a global network of servers, minimizes downtime with robust redundancy, and protects against threats like DDoS attacks. It usually … Continue reading

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