Rules for using DevilShell services

You may use your shell only for what you have requested. To use it for something else or to run other processes you must request it first.

Otherwise you may have one eggdrop and one znc account (with two networks) unless request more.

No DDoS attacks, hacking or flooding. Do not abuse the shell resources, they are for everyone

No Blackhat Activities

No selling of services / hosting

Duplicate accounts are forbidden. We check your ip when you put your requests. If you request an account while you had an existing one, you will be rejected and deleted.

Users with free normal account must visit our IRC channel at least once a week and login in Nickserv with command /msg nickserv id password - This is to prevent inactive or unused accounts taking the server's resources.

This is required so that we can suspend and prune inactive accounts in order to free server resources and allow new users to have a shell.

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