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Who want an account on server , just send a donation just for one times and get an account life time.

Please make all donations to by Paypal.

When you sending donations , please explain to SEND MONEY TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

Welcome to DevilShell.Uk


/13 Juni 2017/ DevilShell.Uk site is ready.

/09 Mart 2018/ New button created Servers


DevilShell is a World-Wide IRC Network. We are a community dedicated to all things GNU/Linux.

One of them is free shells for various purposes - irc or non-irc.

Here is a list for some of the features:

  • Free eggdrops.
  • Free znc/sbnc/psybnc.
  • BitchX/IRSII/Weechat available.
  • Free shell for studying the GNU/Linux
  • Other shell services available upon request
  • Free domains -, and others.
  • Personal vhost and hostname on your request.
  • Free email account.
  • Community and users will do their best to help you with any subject

To request a shell click on Request button and follow the instructions.

Please read the rules. If you need help join #DevilShell in the IRC Network (

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